Hipster Velma | Illustrator: Noelle Stevenson

gingerhaze: “Been going through an art slump lately, I tried to get out of it by doodling a cute hipster Velma. Because it is around the time when I’m sick of summer and start looking forward to fall.

Hipster Warrior...I guess its a thing

This is a weird idea I had last may, it's a gang of hipsters living/stuck in a wow/dofus kinda universe. The Hipster Warrior

Monte Bella by Carmen Mok: http://www.carmenmokstudio.com/monte-bella/

The Playful Licensing Illustrations of Carmen Mok


By Stevie Lewis. I like the colour scheme in this illustration. If I needed to wear glasses, which I don't have to, I probably would wear something like that.

Because I've actually watched superheros all my life, not because people think it's cool. Thanks little brother!

Even if you don't have a comic book character living in your building, our curtains can still help reduce noise!

From the archives on Behance

From the archives by Artur Gorczynski, via Behance

Aurelie at the Pool by Gillian Grossman  $15-20

Aurelie At The Pool by Gillian Grossman