Lavanda, romero y salvia junto al olivo y gravilla en la parte de delante, + conjunto de macetas y algún otro arriate... Y césped, atrás                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

mediterranean garden under the olive trees: slope of herbs (rosemary, lavendar, germander) with grasses planted off one side of the path. This would be an interesting walkway

Herbs planted with roses - I would love to live in a place like this

Alternative to a highly controlled garden treatment - informal Tuscan Garden (Bella Terra Garden Design)

Plantas rústicas y resistentes a la sequía para un jardín sostenible - Guia de jardin. Aprende a cuidar tu jardín.

Salvia chamaedryoides Rhodanthemum hosmariense Artemisia abrotanum 'Silver' Phlomis 'The South' Senecio vira-vira Salvia fruticosa Salvia leucophylla Artemisia lanata

Mediterranean garden

Provence Style Garden Path - edged with lavender, candytuft and cypress trees - via Trouvais

nice How To: Landscaping with Rocks  The design of a rock garden and layout of stones is something that each of us must choose according to his taste. So the decision is subjective and ve...

How To: Landscaping with Rocks

Welcome, my name is Brooke Kroeger and can easliy say I live my life in a garden. I just love beautiful things. I am an avid gardener and collect vintage roses and cottage style flowers.

Beautiful Garden Designs With Olive Trees

Jen Huang Photography has been sharing loads of goodies with us today and it's culminating in this tuscan inspired gem. It makes a healthy dose of color look elegant, refined and all at once gor.

Another nice landscape snippet called "mediterranean" garden.

Melina Scodanibbio - Garden Design - A completely redesigned mediterranean garden, transformed from a field into a split-level arrangement with swimming pool and water feature

longue bordure de vivaces dont des géraniums, sauges, nepetas, anthémis, macleaya cordata et phlox menant à un pergola de rosiers.

Garden inspiration: all greens (preferably trees) by the fence + fill the space (outside of patio) with plants of colour depth (shown in the picture)

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Overview of linear garden with many verdant shades and shapes.