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45 Incredibly Detailed and Attractive iOS Icon Designs To Get Inspired

Every iOS application must have an application icon and starting in last July Apple enforces designers and developers to ensure all iOS icons are as attractive

Polo shirt Icon

Polo shirt Icon

This is my first shot on Dribbble, Thanks to Olli Wiegner for the invite

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I want to dedicate to share an another amazing collection of iPhone and iPad app icons. This time we're gathered creative iOS App Icon designs for inspiration

This app icon is very easy to identify! Overall, there is a large amount of black space, which is nicely textured but takes up a large amount f the design area. The scale is also outlined nicely with the reflective silver. This scale is also giving off positive vibes because the weight is shown at such a small number!

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Below you can see a collection of 30 very detailed examples of iOS icons which are attracting user's attention.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Icon

Dribbble - Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Icon by Ryan Nasipak


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