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I really like this pin about the evolution development of these famous logos. I find it interesting to see how they have changed over time, becoming more modern looking in some and becoming more abstract in others. I also like the choices of various colors, seeing how some complement each other or emphasize each other. Brand Logo Evolution - Color and Design       tjn

Future Logos

Funny pictures about The Past and Future of Famous Logos. Oh, and cool pics about The Past and Future of Famous Logos. Also, The Past and Future of Famous Logos.

GOLDEN RATIO - CIRCLES LOGO by Andrea Banchini, via Behance.

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Golden Ratio, Circles Logo by Andrea Banchini

Helm & Anchor would be an awesome business name. The Helm symbolic for direction, journey, forward, movement. The Anchor symbolic for stability, strength, power, stillness. And the combination symbolic for wholeness, creativity, team...

Full size 20 Inspiring Logo Sketches I really liked the line quality and simple depth within these logos.

The back of the Starbucks logo! Clever

Little design humor. Love the tramp stamp. Very creative and humorous of the designer to give those of us who doesn't know what the Starbucks logo actually depicts, a little insight.

GD Logo#6- "Female Writers" Logo. I appreciate how bold this logo is. I like the creativity with the double imagery. Like in everything else in the business world, it's better to be bold ladies!

Erotic Literature by Tang Yau Hoong. I think the pen outline is overused in writing logos, but this is a nice design.


Apple Construction Dimensions by Jane McDougall This is my most popular t-shirt design by far. A lot of people must feel apple constructs their world too.