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Associazione Libertà e Giustizia: solidarietà al pm Nino Di Matteo

Associazione Libertà e Giustizia: solidarietà al pm Nino Di Matteo

Equality #feminism - votes for women. Always remember how hard they fought for this; and so many other rights we take for granted today. Never forget!

I think every woman who is against feminism shouldn't vote. Because it is thanks to feminism women can vote today. At the time the photo was taken, feminists were called suffragettes.

Recreate engagement picture in wedding attire

Retake one engagement picture in your wedding clothes! So cute! Doyle the porch swing at the wedding venue!

Don't be content to creep....

Helen Keller American author, political activist, and lecturer, drawing on her experience of being blind and deaf

mickey n minnie mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse valentine's day on bench Postage Stamps by disney

One of my faves.

The Beatles: Paul McCartney, Richard Starkey, George Harrison, and John Lennon (fine English gentlemen looking very smart!

Daisuke Genma, Designer, Tokyo, Japan.

The Selby is in Your Place is Photographs and Paintings by Todd Selby of Creative People and Creative Spaces

Larry Fine, fue un actor y comediante estadounidense, famoso por ser uno de los tres primeros, "chiflados".

In memory: Larry Fine - actor, writer - one of the Three Stooges -(b Philadelphia) died at age 72 on