I can relate

It makes me angry when people think I'm faking depression when I say,"I feel depressed today". Depression is not a one time illness, it comes and goes.

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Scientifically speaking, nobody needs a reason to be depressed. Depression is when certain chemicals in your brain become extremely unbalanced. You can have a perfect life and still have depression.

"You look sad today."  Hm.. I'm sad every day, I just didn't have the energy to hide it today.

“ You look sad today” “Hm, I’m sad Every day, i Just didn’t Had the energy to Hide iT today “ -Whisper

I don't think I have social anxiety but I feel this way...

social anxiety fucking sucks it makes you upset and break down because you get so upset over it and it holds you back from so much in life.

Nobody will notice

im falling apart and no one can see It,My mom yells at me all the time when she can simpply just talk>I feel like i cant do anything. Ithink depression is starting to grab a hold of my life


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Love this, I believe mental health is very misunderstood. I think it's statements like this that help open people's eyes. I wish more people would learn facts instead of judge. This includes depression, and a whole host of other mental problems.