Uh huh!

Or you are the friend/parent of a volleyball player and hang out enough time at the court to know this.

Volleyball gets so much crap...its takes YEARS to perfect it. Its not like basketball or softball TRUST ME.

This makes me soo mad! Like volleyball players legs are constantly sore and you have bruises all over your hipbones! Like I would love to see you try and attempt some things I have to do to be the best at this sport!

You know you're a volleyball player when...

one time i didn't have any shoes except for my volleyball shoes so my mom was like "wear your vball shoes!" and i was like "That is a no no, deduct 100 points from gryffindor!

YES!!!!! Everytime we do that we have to do DEATH DRILLS !!!!

You know you're a volleyball player when. Half the time I spend playing vball is on the floor. With certain teams u play in ur feet or on the floor