Mozi olive oil decanter

olive oil decanter - clamshell by Mozi. I love this patterned design! I also love the colors added onto the scales-- very pretty

Organic Tomato Juice/有機トマトジュース  Simple but beautiful.

Organic Tomato Juice/有機トマトジュース Simple but beautiful IMPDO.

EDEN on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery


Clear crisp black and white design but the pop of color of the image makes the product stick out on the shelf. The bright image draws the eye in and tells you that this soap smells just like the picture, or makes you think that anyway.

Juice Served Here

Blackened beauty: Charcoal and its purifying properties are the latest health fad

Juice served here, but I'm not sure what the hell is in there. Looks like someone is selling charcoal smoothes.

Simple simple simple... fits my design philosophy to a T!

Ballard Bee Company honey packaging - shape of bottom - tiny hexagon symbol + Bh logo (for the periodic table of element concept)

The Tea Spot - Brand Identity & Packagings on Packaging Design Served Served

The Tea Spot Packagings on Behance / I half like this package. The tortoise made of tea looks too much like a lump of manure. Not pleasing.