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A macro photograph of a tiny Conophytum khamiesbergense flowering (endemic to the Kamies Montains, Namaqualand, Northern Cape, South Africa) by Martin Heigan.

Haworthia limifolia f. variegata. Native to S Mozambique, Swaziland & South Africa. (Succulent)

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30 Titanopsis Variegata Seeds Rare Exotic Amazing Colors Shape Pink Succulent Cactus Garden Decor Plant Home DIY

Succulent: Crassula ('Campfire'?) -- per Lorraine.      (The description text that accompanied this pin doesn't identify the plant:  "Hospedagem de Imagens Auctiva.")

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Amazing cactus cake - Spines made of royal icing piped into lines and allowed to dry, then broken and stuck in cake. This cake used a round cake pan.

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Sedum pachyphyllum stress causes the brilliant color changes in succulents.

Pinguicula jaumavensis (a carnivorous species)

Pinguicula jaumavensis is one of the Mexican butterworts. One of the carnivorous plants that use sticky, glandular leaves to lure, trap, and digest insects in order to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from the environments.

Brown ~ Haworthia attenuata

Haworthia attenuata I still one of these. I had it for over twenty years. When it blooms it has orange buds.