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The German Shepherd: Almost looks like my Delaney.

Dogs are people, but with all the bad parts left out! We love German Shepherd

Five month old German Shepherd Liza - "THOSE EARS"

I plan to do this with Thor one day where he chewed my wall when he was a puppy. When I can get him to sit still. And wear a sign. And sit still wearing the sign next to said chewed wall.

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Mom is comforting her pup during his first car ride. This momma and baby are very cute and pretty. German Shepards are so cute.

My GSD pup, Cooper making friends at Puppy Class.  Great Dane - Titan & Mini Poodle, Tiffany...  All 3 months old!

My GSD pup, Cooper making friends at Puppy Class. All 3 months old!

German Shepherd German Shepherd

Types of German Shepherd Dogs Always admire a German Shepherd! Cute, smart, and loyal. Almost the perfect dog and pet!


Soldier Dogs: The Untold Story of Americarsquo;S Canine Heroes

Yes, for some reason Bret Michaels has a pet product line at Petsmart now and it's AWESOME! Got some items for our furry lil rock stars. \m/

Bret Michaels, with some help from his German shepherd, tests out his new PetSmart Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection.