by Mark Laita

Photographer Mark Laita captures the plentiful patterns and beautifully vibrant colors of marine life that can be found submerged in the oceans in his ongoing series of animal portraits.

Network Pipefish (Corythoichthys flavofasciatus) .. Jerome Kim

Pipefish at Bohol (Jerome Kim “Gold prize in Macro Div.- Annual UW photo competition in Korea Pipefish are a subfamily of small fishes, which, together w/the seahorses, form the family Syngnathidae: average length

Koi fish and pink flowers

Watching the fish.a simple pleasure. Fung Shui suggests having fish in aquariums & water gardens creates positive, flowing energy ♥

Pesce mandarino

Pesce mandarino



The beauty of moon jellyfish. Photo by Sanne Collins.

Pacific Blackdragon, Idiacanthus antrostomus. Underwater photo taken in Monterey Bay by Jason Bradley

Underwater Photography: Pacific Black Dragonfish, Monterey Bay, California

How did an underwater photographer get this photo of a Pacific black dragonfish (Idiacanthus antrostomus)? He was part of a project documenting deep-sea animals found in Monterey Bay, California.

Underwater Photography... Photographer Nicholas Samaras ~ Pix Addictoin

Nicholas Samaras is a new underwater photographer, but he made an impressive entrance in underwater photography area in Greece and out of h.