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harry potter frases muertos

Las frases más inspiradoras de Harry Potter

It was a world that I dove into, and never wanted to leave

Y do people always say "it's only a book series?" Harry Potter is my life! I've watched it since I was a kid! I grew up with it and will never grow out of it! IT'S NOT JUST A BOOK SERIES!

Harry Potter Quote Art After All This Time by AllTheBestQuotes

harry potter and the deathly hallows Albus Dumbledore:"But they trust the wrong one" Severus Snape:"Expecto Patronum"And a doe vanished.After all this time?" Severus Snape:"Always.

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Number four is funny but JK Rowling only said that she was the God of Writing as a joke on Twilight bozo author. There's only one God and JK Rowling knows it. Literally, she does!

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Harry Potter Facts Robert Pattinson openly stated that he would rather play Cedric Diggory than Edward Cullen.