squaresdonotexist:  Sylvain Levier


"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" - CESAR CRUZ - (Piece of Art by Sylvain Levier)

The ultimate canvas for creative discussion

I'm loving the hexagonal design. Especially because it's layered, creating different image ideas with each overlap. layers - simple work, with a geometric shape removed in gradually smaller layers from an illustrated book.


unique folder booklet printing design - NB: very useful and compact but maybe too much of a bulk?

POWRÓT (THE RETURN) - artbook by Maria Szczodrowska, via Behance

"THE RETURN"Created in 2012 copies)Size: x x cmMaterials: paper, cardboard, foil, glue, paint

Olafur Eliasson (artist) This is an architecture book with more descriptive power than words alone could possible achieve. The book consists of 454 pages each laser-cut to produce a section representing of the artists actual house in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Art Hard by Jim Denevan

Graphic design inspiration

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