Valentin Hirsch #fox #geometry #tattoo

lifeftme: cvntism: nyjahatuatao: Valentin Hirsch Omg i actually wanted a tattoo like this omfg

Indian symbol of friendship

Morgan--this is the main inspiration: a black flower mandala with two crossed arrows. Only, instead of the ferny-looking things, I want feathers. (Example in another tattoo.) arrows and floral mandala by balen levore


Very meaningful and a lot of telling tattoo. Here you can see how one hand pierces another hand with a dagger. Also there're very truly words "Hands remember". We must never hurt the hand which has helped or help us.

geometric tattoo inspiration )) ***geometric animal faces with color and i am ded


Rainbow color disembodied hand and geometric shape tattoo by Nicholas Keiser

faded tattoo ideas (3)

Faded tattoo ideas that will look great into old age