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I ship Foxy and Chica.if you like another one<<I ship Bonnie and Chica.

Five nights at Freddy's 2 (looks cool to who ever made this!)

MY MUSIC :D - Welcome to your nightmare

Jeremy-fitzgerald :: ¡ OH MY Doll : El juego de las muñecas (doll, dolls, dollz)…

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The animatronics arrive as their actual respective animals… Freddy comes in and you're just like, "Well, craaaap…" Me: *Looks at Freddy part* AWWWWW YE!

All fixed by Blueomoon on DeviantArt

Nuu, Bonnie dosentt was a drawing. *Gets Freddy mask and places it on his facehole* Better<<Lol, nice.

The Top 20 Worldwide Instagram Spots Of 2016 All The Fnaf Characters! [Pole-Bear  1] by tiedKat

33 Characters belong to Scott. Drawings belong to Pole-Bear[pole-be. All The Fnaf Characters!

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Five nights at Freddy's- one of the children killed (golden Freddy) by Pole-bear