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I ship Foxy and Chica.if you like another one<<I ship Bonnie and Chica.

Jeremy Forgot To Wind Up The Music Box....

Jeremy Forgot To Wind Up The Music Box by MajesticFuckingEagle.joder, que puppet mas sexy!

Nuu, Bonnie dosentt was a drawing... uhg. *Gets Freddy ask and Places it on his facehole* Better

Nuu, Bonnie dosentt was a drawing. *Gets Freddy mask and places it on his facehole* Better<<Lol, nice.

Por que duele tanto ??!!!

fnaf Foxy x Bonnie [ yaoi ] - Por que duele tanto ??!!!-10

Resultado de imagen para lulu-999 rainbow freddy

I don't ship Mangle and Bonbon but thats kinda cute :)

Every single person needs to watch game theory, especially the five nights at Freddy's 2 video... Just saying

Five Nights at Freddy's you evil led pencil>>>>He's got Aichmophobia, remember.so he's scared to death by sharp objects