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YOU SHOULD HAVE LET US SLEEP!!! << did u just <-- I think they just did <<<- My friend, the deed has already been done <<<--Omg you guys<<<<<-.-' oh great....here we go again... << the game is on<-- Did you miss me?<< haha awesome! best fandom ever<--shhh, you're thinking, its annoying<<you're lowering the IQ of the whole internet<<turn around you're putting me off--That's what people do, honey. Get used to it.<<< This is BORING! <<< And Honey, you should see me in a crown.<ssh everyone shut…

YOU SHOULD HAVE LET US SLEEP! << did u just <-- I think they just did <<<- My friend, the deed has already been done <---- But we really should go back to sleep because: "Prolonged exposure drove them insane.

C'EST PAS MOI QUI PUE, EH J'AI PAS PÉTÉ, YEAH EWAI LES RIMES DE FOU C… #humour Humour #amreading #books #wattpad

20 ways to relieve boredom in a very English fashion

So beautiful (this reminds me of me and my friends conversations online)

If i pin this so many times do you think the would do it. Btw I could not stop smiling while reading this I looked like a loon in the train

Ke$halock. "People trying to kill me.Sherlock ignoring Molly. Still trying to drink my tea. Don't stop! Hey Sherlock! We're gonna deduce this place up. Tonight, I was alright, till you fell and said goodnight. Tick tock, Sherlock, why won't you wake up? Oh no no noo, oh no no noo" <- IT GOT BETTER

We've gone insane. The fandom has gone insane.

We are cumbercookies!!!!!

Spread the word people! I am a cumbercookie. You are a cumbercookie. We are all cumbercookies. Together we make a cumberbatch!

Not a friend johnlock

Not a friend johnlock. "Oh look John, a bedroom.

You should have let us sleep

The sherlock fandom has awoken. God, that is a scary picture to use to describe us. But frighteningly accurate. I love the "sonic the locks" and the "get the salt" parts. Doctor Who and Supernatural fandoms. I love being a part of several fandoms.


"You should have let me sleep!": The Hobbit/STID crossover.


'roses are red violets are blue this post is so beyond true' I'm really proud of that poem right there because I am not a poet ^_^


this post describes my life. Also through a little molly in there for the hopeless love i am in with sherlock