Amorphophallus titanum - essa flor gigantesca é da Indonésia e faz parte das pesquisas do Rodrigo Sukariê e do grupo 5 do 7. C!

The rare Titan flower Bunga Bangkay - corpse flower - (Bogor, Indonesia), said to be the biggest flower in the world.

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This is Nagapushpam flower which blooms only once in 36 yrs. It bloomed today at at Manasarovar Himalayas. (naga means snake)

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Product Type: BonsaiSize: Small,Mini,Large,MediumStyle: PerennialBrand Name: SuhuluFlowerpot: ExcludedClassification: Novel PlantFunction: BeautifyingFull-bloom


10 Plantas Horripilantes que No Deberían Existir

These are the tuber roots of Fleeceflower. And this isn't an anomaly - most of their roots look like this. Now we know where "mandrake roots" came from!

Ceropegia ampliata, Bushman's Pipe,, Parachute Flower, Lantern Flower, climbing vine

Ceropegia ampliata, should be called the penis vine, but Bushman's Pipe is the common name.

Trachyandra tortili africanrareplants... - Google Search

Heliamphora are carnivorous plants that consist of a modified leaf form that is fused into a tubular shape. They have evolved mechanisms to avoid completely filling up with water and attract, trap, and kill insects.

Nepenthes hamata, tropical pitcher plant endemic to Sulawesi

Nepenthes hamata.