Banana Cream Pie

This vegan banana cream pie is healthy, dairy-free, egg-free, and delicious, and guess what? It's made with TOFU.

Tarta fría de plátano.

This page contains recipes for banana cream pie. If you love bananas, banana cream pie is the perfect dessert. Banana cream pie has a rich, creamy filling with the wonderful flavor of bananas.

Vegan Banana Pancakes Recipe. Top with walnuts or pecans and bananas!

Vegan Banana Pancakes Recipe

Vegan (and thus eggless) banana pancake recipe. I used coconut milk and a little water instead of soy milk - yum!

Vegan classic coconut cream pie. Used some coconut sugar in substitution for cane sugar. I highly recommend blending the pie filling ingredients together in a blender before heating in sauce pan.

Bring on the vegan dessert!

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From Chic - Dianne's "Chocolate Cream Pie" – Family Favorite Desserts entry for September

From Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen – Dianne’s “Chocolate Cream Pie” – Family Favorite Desserts entry for September

Berry Banana Cream Pie #vegan #paleo #raw no baking required and sugar free- The Organic Dietitian

Berry Banana Cream Pie

Berry banana cream pie made with no sugar and sweetened only with fruit. Healthy ingredients make this pie vegan, paleo, gluten free, raw and delicious.

Kitchen Grrrls.: Vegan Banana Dulce de Leche Pie

: Vegan Banana Dulce de Leche Pie- could probably use something else GF instead of cookies in crust- looks good!

Raw Velvety Caramel Cream Pie

Raw Velvety Caramel Cream Pie

I recently entered the Big Fair Bake with these baby coconut cream and salted caramel pies. Despite being hands down the best thing I have ever made ever I didn't win anything but I do get to share the recipe with you on my blog tonight! Make them. You won't regret it. #vegan #veganshares #vegansofig #vegantreats #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #madewithzana #glutenfree #fairtrade

Some Crepe My Kids Ate (vegan, gluten free, perfect)

Baby Coconut Cream Pies with Salted Caramel (vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free)

Food for all five senses.

Food for all five senses.

This Vegan Snickers Cream Pie has three dreamy layers that are nestled in a sweet & salty pretzel crust.

Vegan Snickers Cream Pie w∕ Peanut Butter Ganache + Pretzel Crust was last modified: July 2016 by

Sinless Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie » Sounds amazing!

Sinless Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie - Gluten Free, Paleo, Sweetened by Dates. I omitted the peanut butter and used Macadamia Nuts. And I also used coconut cream concentrate instead of plant based milk.