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Summer time @ Japan Lover Me!

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The New JapanLover.

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It's Tabemono Month here @ Japan Lover Me!

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This year's September and October are Japan Lover Me's Kawaii Months! We'll be sharing all things cute and wonderful from the homeland of the kawaii culture (which has taken the world.

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Kawaii roughly translates as "cute", but we know that nowadays, it means so much more than that!

Kawaii es un adjetivo japonés que no tiene una traducción exacta al español, pero que se puede entender como: lindo, tierno o bonito.

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Adopt a kawaii girl (limit is Adopt?

In other endless phone wallpaper ~

I love this kawaii illustration from JapanLoverMe www.kawaii.japanlover.me #JapanLoverMonthsary #japanloverme #kawaii

I know you’re already met them during our campaign period, but still~ Tadaa~ Our all-original kokeshi characters!

Whenever I was younger, (I wasn't into anime at the time) my cousins would watch DBZ. I always thought that it looked weird, they were always to muscular. So I would watch this! XD

My kids loved Hamtaro

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Premium Vector Clipart Kawaii Bees Cute by LookLookPrettyPaper

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Kawaii lovers, otaku minds and cool-ture fans of Nippon!

Que fofura! <(°~°)> Cute chibi girl.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Little Chibi Rabbit Girl