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I had this same coat as a teenager....didn't cost that much tho!!

1970's Boho Princess Coat

coat I loved my coat w/fake fur from Montgomery Ward. i had the red maxi coat w/ black fur. i LOVED that coat.

What toys and games do you remember from the 60's and 70's?-1all.jpg

the clacker balls. YES, I had a purple pair. I'm pretty sure they got wrapped around a tree.

A birthstone ring was my first "real" ring as a kid.  I wear rings when I dress up.

Crystal Kids Adjustable Birthstone Ring I got one from my first boyfriend in the fourth grade!

Remember Retro: Coppertone's QT! MGFL!   www.facebook.com/thegirlfriendbook.com  www.thegirlfriendlife.com  www.thegirlfriendbook.com

QT (Quick Tan) - turned you skin & hands orange

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Lots of Memories

Comb damp hair Part into small sections. Wind each curl around your finger smoothly. Pin each curl in place with a bobby pin. In the morning remove pins and gently finger comb your hair.

Spoolies - remember these?

spoolies (what a memory - my mama used these curlers in my hair for years after pincurls just wouldn't stay in place.I hated both, but these were better than those pincurls.

The original footsie

The Footsie was one great toy! Rarely has a toy reemerged over and over again as a hit “new toy” as the Lemon Twist (or Jingle Jump, Footsie, Skip-A-Roo, or Skip It) has done. First introduced in the late as the Footsie toy,

Kork-Ease Ava Sandal. My summer shoe in the 70's and back in my closet again! The leather's patina mellows and warms with age...

Platform sandals from 1977 my mom bought them for me so I could wear them for my school concert and for Easter! I just remembered, we called them Buffalo Shoes!

Pins used for hair rollers.  Nothing like getting poked with one of these in your sleep.

Vintage Curler Pins held the brush rollers in. I slept in them. I remember waking up with dents in my scalp from where they rested.

wrap around jean skirt of the 70's

Denim Wrap Skirt / Jean Wrap Around Skirt

The body shirt.  I remember wearing them back in the day when low-rise pants were in style the first time, except then they were called "hip huggers".  Marcia Brady wore 'em.

Check out the board Memory Lane! The body suit. I remember wearing them back in the day when low-rise pants were in style the first time, except then they were called "hip huggers".

culottes! All the years I wore these. We wore them @ church camp!

All the years I wore these, ours had front & back flaps.the back flaps ALWAYS fell into the toilet! What a memory! We wore them @ church camp!

Rainbow Famolares!  My favorite shoes from the 70's.

Famolare shoes : ) I had a pair in every color. You immediately grew at least three inches just by putting them on.