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LAS REGLAS DE OLAFO Change people who makes us loose our time for those who makes us loose track of time.


A nadie le importa dónde estoy. salvo a mis padres. y a mi esposa.

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Trans: " Men think that the dream of every woman is to find the perfect man. "Los hombres piensan que el sueño de toda mujer es encontrar al hombre perfecto. Es comer y no engordar.

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Las consecuencias de vivir buenos momentos -The price you have to pay for living exceptional moments in your life is missing them out!


Pablo Picasso<<< i have no idea what it said (the bad thing is i'm in spanish class right now to.) but i'm pretty sure it's inspiring

Enfoque pensamientos

Los limites solo se encuentran en tu propia mente The limits are only found in your own mind

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Friends are like books: you won´t need a lot of them, you'll need best ones.

Being in bed while raining is one of the greatest pleasures of life