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How to use your Samsung Galaxy S4 [Tips and Tricks]

The gesture sensor (purple light) blinks due to camera picking up the infrared waves. not seen by naked eye.

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Samsung's Galaxy S4 can now be pre-ordered! I think samsung's strategical connection with AT and making the price go down is a smart way of attracting more users in America. Since both Canada and the US started receiving orders we will soon see it being sold in Japan too! And since the rival has come up with a newer model, I can see Apple launching a new iPhone model in the near future too.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Available for Pre-Order on AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Tips & Tricks

Tips for anyone who owns or plans to soon own a Samsung Galaxy From shortcuts, to settings, gestures, and more, be sure to know these important tricks!

A Samsung oficializou nessa terça-feira à noite o lançamento do Galaxy Round, anunciado como o "primeiro smartphone do mundo com tela curva". O aparelho tem tela Full HD Super AMOLED de 5,7 polegadas com resolução de 1080p, assim como o phablet Galaxy Note 3, e apresenta uma leve curvatura sobre o e

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Round smartphone in Korea. It is the world's first smartphone with a curved display.

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