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This sculpture ball is very fun to use. You simply roll it firmly along clay to produce a pattern or texture that is a little different every time. You can also hold one side of the ball and press the other side into the clay for a concave stamped impression.  This listing is for one (1) random pattern sculpture ball in bisque, approximately 3/4 in diameter. PLEASE NOTE: The pattern you will get is completely at random. I make these freely and rarely make the same design twice so they are…

Clay Stamp, ONE Small Texture Ball, Bisque Stamp, Pottery and Ceramics, Tools

hago bolitas le pico y hago marcas y luego tengo el molde yupi

Ceramic Deer Bookends

Ceramic Deer Bookends

Ciervos Del Bebé,Cerámica De Época,La Cerámica De Época,Sujetalibros,Inspiración Vintage,Terra Cotta,Artículos De La Vendimia,Bristol,Cada

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Trabajo de la artista plástica Nouar - LA. No dejen de ver su trabajo, es muy bueno!

Vintage Disney Deer with Butterfly

Vintage 1940s BAMBI Figurine, Disney Baby Deer with Butterfly Perfect Condition

$14.26 Bohemian Style Thin Chiffon Beach Yoga Towel

59x83'' Bohemian Style Thin Chiffon Beach Yoga Towel Mandala Rectangle Bed Sheet Tapestry