Dribbble - ui_big.png by Peter Nudo

Here are some of the UI elements for Diner Dash. Leading the UI/UX redesign with Kateryna Bilyk and Yuri Mikami.

Magic Valley by Mar Rodriguez, via Behance

- Level # in header - FX behind "Level up" text - hex button - Character on level up screen Magic Valley by Mar Rodriguez, via Behance

tumblr_m5gpksKCMU1r6qscmo4_1280.png (960×640)

A quiet, straight-forward look at good-looking games as a reference for game creators, illustrators and user interface designers.

Carrot fantasy ios app ui interface game

From the game Carrot Fantasy (iOS) Great example of a pause menu. The pause menu is bright and the rest darkened to create a nice contrast.

The Saga Framework: Game Flow | Lean Entropy

This analysis covers all the common game flow and game dynamics in King's Saga framework, including Candy Crush, Pet Rescue and the others.