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Nebula - I wish I was kidding but I could stare at this for a solid 10 minutes...is that weird?

Nebulas of the Universe - artificially colored for max grooviness

Wizard Nebula

Wizard Nebula- I wish that when I die, I could see the universe (multi-verses?) in this false color imaging in my afterlife, forever, with the same sense of wonder I have now.

Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula Wall Art, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Wall Peels


Universe - The Pelican Nebula (IC an H II region associated with the North America Nebula in the constellation Cygnus.

Pode mudar o mundo                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Dreams - Illusion in a Safety Net


Imagenes que no podes dejar de ver !!!

We are star stuff. We are under the same blue sky, swirling on the same blue/green planet, one of many and many expressions of one. Love each other, love yourself. Life is amazing.

F = Gm1m2/r^2 — Velvet Nebula by StellarDia (me) This is one of...

Velvet Nebula by StellarDia: This is one of my old creations when I was doing space art. More of this stuff in the future when I finally have time to get back into it.

For more of the greatest collection of #Nebula in the Universe... For more of…

The Wonders of the Carina Nebula “This broad image of the Carina Nebula, a region of massive star formation in the southern skies, was taken in infrared light using the HAWK-I camera on ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Many previously hidden features, scattere