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(10) Algunos de Los monumentos más famosos de la Tierra - Taringa!

Algunos de Los monumentos más famosos de la Tierra

bensozia: Samarkand and Tamerlane

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Viaduc de Millau - Bruecke von Millau, Region Midi-Pyrénées. Languedoc-Roussilon (France)

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Millau bridge

Millau bridge

France - Millau Bridge

Millau Bridge France - considered to be the world's tallest bridge. One of the Millau bridge's pillars reaches more than eleven-hundred feet into the air, more than 50 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower.

15 World’s Most Impressive Bridges That Will Leave You Speechless.. 2. The Millau Viaduct @ South of France

15 World's Most Impressive Bridges That Will Leave You Speechless.

Millau Bridge. Viaduc de Millau. France. #Belvedere #Quarante #Herault #Languedoc

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Edinburgh Castle was built high on bedrock, so it didn't need a moat. The next few pages explore landmarks in France, starting with the most famous palace in the world.

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millau viaduct - Bing Images

The Millau Bridge, France. Highest road-bridge in the world, taller than the Eiffel tower.

Masterpiece ! Millau bridge.

Masterpiece ! Millau bridge.