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two faced type style skull drawing artwork. absolutely beautiful, I want this tattooed!

Coeur nourri

Yes, or Prayer for the Abundant Heart, giclee print of ink drawing on vintage Alice in Wonderland Page, by Rowena Murillo


I just love this skeleton and flowers illustration.never would have thought I would think a skeleton was gorgeous! - La Vita Nuova (The New Life) Art Print by Rachel Caldwell

Lung birds

I want on the middle of my back with each bird my kids favorite color. My three little birds are the are that I breath.😊 and I'd want the lungs to look more like trees branches with some flowers

Fantasy pixie/fairy

I'm tempted to keep adding tattoos to her but since I haven't worked those out yet I'm calling this lass done (for now). I'm never satisfied with good enough. My eyes hurt right now otherwise I'd keep (Bottle Sketch Alice In Wonderland)

Flowery Lungs human Anatomy Print on dictionary page - boyfriend gift - Anatomy art, love wall art, human anatomy art, lungs and roses art:

Artistic Anatomical Illustrations on White Dictionary Paper Spanish shop PRRINT (previously featured here) composes vintage prints with a contemporary sensibility on dictionary book pages. By infusing.

الغني حقا من يملك شيئ لا يمكن شراءه بالمال، استثمر في عقلك  #مستقبلك من صنع #أفكارك

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