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The word on caffeine and diabetes is constantly changing. Looks like the latest study (from Duke) says those with type 2 diabetes might want to avoid caffeine. Click through for details on this latest study.

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Christmas Coffee Drink Recipe - Chocolate-y Christmas Cafe au Lait by Emeril Lagasse fancy-drinks fancy-drinks lovable-food

I don't care how cute it is...it WILL die if it doesn't exit immediately! art café

This item ships via EMS Express only - Thank you for your understandingBy massive customer demand, J-List is making available the cute CafeCat cat-shaped marshmallows from Japan. The boxed set includes two cute marshmallow cats that float in your coffee

Tu día a día contado humorísticamente por las tazas de café: | 16 Datos gráficos que todo amante del café necesita saber

Tu día a día contado humorísticamente por las tazas de café:

Different brands have different prices and so to different kind of coffee you want to buy online at java times caffe.

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Hooray to all coffee lovers! It was found out by the National Cancer Institute that drinking coffee is good for your liver.

Beautiful coffee art examples (69)

40 Beautiful Coffee Art Examples

pink cherry blossom design on coffee. Probably the most beautiful coffee cup art I've seen.


Greek coffee ready to pour YUM Ahhh.a steaming hot cup of joe paris No Stress Cafe


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Бич времени – наркотики