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A tree with incredible roots, Costa Rica - 13 Of the Most Beautiful Unknown Places

Creative wood-shaping. :) What a cool looking character!

This amazing paper mache "Tree Troll/ENT" was made by Kim Graham and a group of 25 volunteers using recycled paper products.

A árvore da vida da Disneilandia, com 325 animais esculpidos em seu tronco.

Tree of Life Walt Disney World 325 animal s carved into it!

"Here's a first! - a Tree Cat" (grabbed from "The Others", a wonderful board for fantasy lovers)

Cat shaped tree - wow now all that is needed is a cute little enchanted cottage to live in with my cats! Written by fellow pinner

Umut her zaman olmalı

There are no defects. Only the capacity to love another when one has been beaten up. Also, the little tree will be protected by the older tree during its tender years.

|ॐ| The seed found by his father is planted the day Mehega is born, and all throughout his life, he monitors its growth and speaks to its spirit. It is one of his closest friends, in some respect.

Les Racines - Marc Loret Awesome intricate roots on this tree.

Photos of Charlton-Musgrove, Somerset

Amazing owl carved on a tree Amazing.

Glamour e cultura popular. Música, moda, decoração, tecnologia, curiosidades, natureza, luxo, futilidades e muito mais. Às vezes, um papo sério.

Recently cast as crawling carnivore tree in "Revenge of the Rainforest" (Corcovado Nat Park, Costa Rica)

"Lady of the Tree" by Walks in Dreams on Flickr ~ Enchanted tree near Dent in England, called Lady of the Tree.

Lady in the tree. Enchanted tree near Dent in England.

Oldest tree in the world

The world’s oldest tree was discovered on Fulufjallet Mountain in Sweden. It is estimated that the Norway Spruce tree – named Old Tjikko – is around years old (around the end of the last ice age). I really need to see this place!

Enchanted Forest in the redwoods of Northern California by roxanne

Candelabra Redwoods, "Enchanted Forest", on Shady Dell in California. Candelabra Redwoods, "Enchanted Forest", on Shady Dell in Californi

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How is it faces find places in trees? Carved there or what?

Hawaiian Banyan tree on Oahu

This is a huge fig tree, with a wonderfully spread out shadow. It's the Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis), the National Tree of India, also called the Bengal Fig. This one was photographed in Hawaii.

Baobab,Tree of Life, Africa

A real Baobab tree

Faces with in the trees - Traveling within the World

Dragon Tree - guardian of the forest. The wonders of nature.

Beautiful Ceiba Trees,  These are Located in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. ...Somos Puerto Rico!!!

Ceiba trees in the town of Quebradillas,Puerto Rico.These trees are over 200 years old.