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Let's take a moment and realize that JongUp is az the bottom and he's usint only one hand? BTW did anyone else realize that they're almost in birth order?

I am impressed when Jongup was using one hand to support and one hand to make a v sign. Oh look, their ages are in almost the same order!


Bap réactions - Zelo x ____

Am I the only one staring at that arm muscle tho?

Kpop, Memes, Meme

Yongguk is highly amused

Claim your meme

Me on occasions hehehe…

His face awwww!

46.5 mil curtidas, 1,214 comentários - Himchan (@chanchanieeeeee) no Instagram: “오늘도 와 줘서 고마워요 사랑해사랑해 내사랑들 헷”

Jongup and Himchan // After their hilarious interactions I'm finding their selfies together hilarious as well someone pls help me

True story! Hahaa  Is anyone upset about EXO's comeback is not today??

Sooo true lol haters gonna hate but I don't have a f**k to give cuz I loooove kpop ❤️