Astraal Vao - Commission

Astraal Vao - Star Wars by Gary Anderson

Star wars - My favorite twi'leks by Amenoosa

Here are three of my favorites twi'leks, Aayla Secura, Hera Syndulla and Mission Vao.

the types of lightsabors

For everyone trying to say his light saber had a bad crystal, do some research before you act like you know everything about star wars cause you watched one movie.>>> lol and I'm just over here like "oooooo I want a lightwhip😍😍😍"



Asona Phaal by on @DeviantArt

Commission: His Togruta Jedi OC. I did this one some months ago, but I was banned from DA and could not submit it, so, here it is Asona Phaal

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Star Wars - KaeLea - Twi'Lek by westcpw

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Star Wars Alliance pilot Ardana Cinn by supparider by Aliens-of-Star-Wars

Newest commission by His style is addictive! just can't stop asking him commissions! do I have to explain where this one came from? Star Wars Alliance pilot Ardana Cinn by supparider

Twilek Clothing Ideas

Soonyia sketch, my friend’s Twi'lek Jedi sentinel in SWTOR

Alien costume inspiration

Well for of all, thanks Jeffery Carlisle for showing us that amazing moment, from the Tatooine Ghost book! Princess Leia Twi'lek Disguise by


Line Art: Eric Vedder Paints: Kevin Yan A Draethos Jedi slashes into a mark IV assault droid. This illustration is from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide published by Wizards of the Co.

Sith Priestess

conceptvault: “Dark Side: We have Cookies By Serge Birault ”

Twi'lek Smuggler by on @deviantART

For Twi'lek Smuggler

Author: Star Wars Force Adept: Jyn Shao by DrOfDemonology

Jyn was born and raised in the Outer Rim, away from the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. A small town girl, she learned to shoot from her father, who builds custom blasters for select clients.

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The very best of Star Wars memes Tis the Season for The Force Awakens - Check…


Savine in her older years