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Designer Disney: Charlotte by ~Becca-Emmett on deviantART

Charlotte from PATF in her imagined 'Disney Designer Dolls' dress. I made her dress more 'princessy' than the two I've done so far, but I think it suits.

I never thought about this but now that I do...it all makes so much sense! I mean, I'm not the biggest Toy Story fan, but I think things like this are really cool!

The Real Identity of Andy's Mom in 'Toy Story'

Disney secrets< the minion from dispecable me just said WHAAAT? in my head. there is something wrong with me.<<no there is nothing wrong with you. that comes out my mouth, yours just said it in your head.

Classic Disney movies turned into reality.

Funny pictures about Classic Disney Movies In Real Life. Oh, and cool pics about Classic Disney Movies In Real Life. Also, Classic Disney Movies In Real Life photos.

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Fashion and Action: Disney Villains Designer Collection - Dolls, Art & Merchandise

The new concept art for the Disney Villains Designer Collection. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Disney Villains Designer Collection for fans of Disney Princess images.