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The Celts used the triskele to represent their triple cycle for the seasons & for magical patterns & ritual blessings. There are many examples of these patterns on Pictish stones & in the Celtic manuscripts. Finely wrought metal & enamel works – such as the disc brooches dated 100-400 CE - feature intricate variations of beautiful spiral & triskele patterns. This triskele symbolizes the rhythm of nature, each branch represents an element: water, earth & fire. Original Design by Jen Delyth

Celtic Triskele symbolizes triple cycle of seasons. Each branch represents element Earth, Water, & Fire. Original Design by Jen Delyth

Celtic dance symbol

Celtic Art Studio - art, myth and symbol - Jen Delyth Art Gallery and Celtic Gift Store

Supermoon - Spirit de La Lune Oracle deck coming soon! Moondaughter and Treetalker Art

Moon Oracle Deck Update!

Supermoon moondala created by Rachael Treetalker & Marissa Moondaughter.

Celtic Eye of the World by foxvox.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"Celtic Eye of the World" by Kristen Fox: A blue green 'eye' is decorated with blue green Celtic knotwork art, as well as sandstone carvings and crescent moon corners.

Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield : Celtic and Fantasy art in Cast Paper by Kevin Dyer, Celtic Irish Scottish Welsh

Celtic Art by Jen Delyth - Celtic Art Gallery

Celtic Mandala 2013 Wall Calendar

Celtic Art by Jen Delyth - Celtic Art Gallery My favorite design.

Celtic Horses Painting  - Celtic Horses Fine Art Print

Celtic Horses Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Yuri Leitch