I am SO excited about their stadium tour! I'm missing out on the TMH tour :( so I'm gonna try to get tickets if they come to Kentucky!!

You make me smile

Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. Three little monkeys>>>> this is to cute omgggg love you boysssss

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Okay so I know that a lot of people unfollow me because I ship Larry but you know what those unfollowers didnt know? I ship Elounor to. But it shouldnt matter who you ship or whos your favorite because we are all family and I love every single one of you like brothers and sisters #Directionersarefamily ~Brenna

This is the greatest picture I've seen of them recently! I mean I'm not Larryshipper but I'm glad to see them be more friends again :))

Love the face niall, Louis you are very special, I can still see you Liam, cool whatever your doing Zayn, what are you doing Harry?

Vložený obrázek

One Direction on The Late Late Show with James Corden December 2015

Breathtaking ❤️

He's so pretty


Those dimples, doe

one direction

one direction.


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(Gif) One Direction on the X Factor U.K. When they performed "History" before their break (personally one of my favorite performances by them. EVER. even though I've never seen them live but still, whatever. Lol)

(Gif) One Direction on the X Factor U. When they performed "History" before their break (personally one of my favorite performances by them.

YES! Even though he's the eldest of the boys, his voice is the highest :) that's y we luv him :)

and NIALL does to they both deserve more solos

uhm. oh my. dead.

Oh sweet lord

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the most random....I can't even...

This made me laugh So hard.shh my beautiful creature. XD I like but not really a fan, but I couldn't not pin it, too funny!

I'm not sure if their heads grew or their hair cut changed...

Shut up I'm not crying. niall has changed the least

At their latest shoot..!

Y' all are the best boy band ever

They're in the same order

ill never forget about One Direction :)