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Akatsuki high... An other reason that I'm so much gonna move to Japan... A day...

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God bless you Konan ajsjajs again, sorry for my english XDD 

some Swagsuke by AkemiiN

First of all ninjabook really Second of all lol their faces And third of all WTF SASUKE😂😂😂

Team Gui

Here's two for being unaware that you're gone because before too long you'll be a memory // em(s)/emma.

Friendship Level: Sasuke and Naruto

Naruto & Sasuke - Sasuke: "Come to think of it--" . Sasuke: "Explanation NOW." Naruto: "Look, if you're gonna dress like a stripper, I'm gonna treat ya like a stripper. So either put some clothes on, or start dancin'.

Lol Akatsuki

The Deadly Akatsuki, everybody! this was my first time drawing the rest of the Akatsuki group besides Itachi. it was pretty fun.

Corporal Ballerina!! Levi Ackerman

Corporal Ballerina, lol image by KHvenus. Find more awesome anime images on PicsArt.

Fullmetal Alchemist fan art (that's pretty cute and funny XD ) #anime #manga

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This shouldn't be so funny BUT IT IS

This shouldn't be so funny

Ikushina | Minato's face by iKushina

I thought about this once when it flashed back to Naruto painting the Hokage monument XD Watch your favorite anime series online