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Koenigsegg CCX. One of the cars on fast five :)

The Koenigsegg CCX is a mid-engined sports car built by Koenigsegg Automotive AB.

Koenigsegg CCX | Drive a Koenigsegg @ http://www.globalracingschools.com

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Matte Audi R8! Best car for people with way too much money that are never going to go fast enough for this car to matter in their daily lives

I am speechless.Well, not literally because I obviously said Omg. Flat black Audi the car of my friken dreams.

Koenigsegg CCX

This is also the same kind of car seen on the movie fast five

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the world

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the world

It is everyone’s dream really to own a luxury car, but not everyone can own the costliest. For most of us, it will remain as a dream for ever. Here is a list of the ten most expensive cars in the world. Don’t get surprised to see Rolls Royce or.

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I've heard this will be the all-new Bugatti Chiron! At least it's not ugly like its predecessor.

Bugatti Chiron