I'm gonna make a poster with black handprints like this so it looks like wings and I'll just constantly stand in front of it and be like I. HAVE. WINGS. ~ He's a cutie. Now what stall I name him?...

Image d'anime avec original moc single short hair tall image black hair looking at viewer smile brown eyes sitting barefoot hair over one eye arms up open pants male navel building (buildings) chair picture paint


((Open RP)) He stares at you from across the way, and comes to sit down with you. ((His name is Cain, and the rest is up to you))

David liebt das Fotographieren

he likes photography- seemingly - really he is just looking at points on walls, and for cameras.

Kuroko no Basuke Series Kuroko Tetsuya

It doesn't always have to be a gloomy day. It just takes a little perspective. Color only shows with light, after all. I love that the only color is the blue of the slightly transparent umbrella, it really draws your attention.

Girl  Падая в бездну мы познаем свои ошибки...

Her reflection is the darker side of her mind. In the light she looks normal to all of us. Its behind the closed door the reflection really shows.

He reminds me of an anime character I created

It's the guy from Just Be Friends music video by megurine luka! I think that they should make him into a VOCALOID in his own right.