Serie REFLEXIÓN 1.0  2012    31cm x 50cm  Plumilla, Marcadores sobre Opalina

Serie REFLEXIÓN 1.0 2012 31cm x 50cm Plumilla, Marcadores sobre Opalina

{ Art colourful lines Maya Hayuk }

paintings by maya hayuk - These Neon paintings by Maya Hayuk prove that this New York-born artist is no stranger to bold colors and design. Hayuk's art is created throu.

Greek designer (really, where else could he be from?) Charis Tsevis has created new illustrations just for Yahoo!’s coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games. Tsevis designed these colorful and dynamic images for diving, running, and gymnastics. His geometric representations shows the energy and grace of the Olympic athletes.

Colorful Geometric Illustrations of London 2012 Olympics - by Athens, Greece-based visual designer Charis Tsevis. Created for Yahoo!'s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games, he created 6 illustrations portraying athletes in motion.

Lots of color. Flowing, color in water.

Experiment" - acrylic ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - x Tiny weird painting tonight.

kind of absolutely perfect. "loss". pay attention to bird details <3

woman birds in her hair art watercolor painting ink spill splash dribble drips face portrait beautiful girl

▲▲▲ M△rcØ Puℂℂini ▲▲▲

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вышивка, идея

I am so impressed by Singaporean artist Izziyana Suhaimi‘s work. She merges embroidery techniques into her own pencil drawings and watercolors, blurring an absolutely beautiful line between skille.