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George gigante do cão Pé 7.  por eugenia

Meet George, the Great Dane who is the world’s largest dog. He’s terrified of water and, of course, a gentle, sweet giant. He’s listed the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest living.

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All the lover of happy merry Christmas day jersey dogs home 2017 and Happy Christmas day 2017 and Christmas jersey dogs clothes you can get ideas for your

Will someone please tell me what kinda dog this is so I can go get one? Thanks.

is the puppy wearing a bowtie? i want a bowtie wearing puppy that looks like this!

Christmas is just a few days away and here is a beautiful Santa Clause of the dog world. This funny dog looks awesome in Santa look.

Los unicornios son la cosa más tierna de este mundo. Representan magia, felicidad, color e ilusión en las personas. Por eso no me sorprende que últimamente estén tan de moda. Aquí te dejamos estos objetos que vas a querer tener en este momento. 1- Increíble funda para el celular. 2. Es la cosita más tierna […]

23 Mágicas cosas para las amantes de los UNICORNIOS

Alaskan malamute puppy. I've met a full grown one, beautiful dog, closest breed to a wolf

Pinner said: Alaskan malamute puppy. I've met a full grown one, beautiful dog, closest breed to a wolf

Paul L. Harwood/Getty Images

Portrait Of Puppy by Paul L. Harwood - Portrait Of Puppy Photograph - Portrait Of Puppy Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Alto ahí! Debajo de la cama termina tu mundo ;-)

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It's Christmas! | Christmas morning | Christmas Day

I would always wrap up Tessa's gift, but could not put it under the tree until Christmas morning. She would always know which one was her's and only open it. She was the most precious girl. Christmas morning is not the same.

whoever shared this I love you!  I can't stop coming across it on my new page because everytime it cracks me up.  perfect!

Smile for the camera! I think this is a funny idea for Christmas photos. This will definitely be our kids/dogs

Pets In Wedding. How beautiful is he?

definitely a regal dog in a bowtie at this chicks wedding. Can you imagine Bogey with a bowtie? You'd die of cuteness.