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I create cartoons about just about everything, but kids are always great subjects.

LIBERTAD DE EXPRESIÓN, supuestamente la tiene Colombia, pero la calla Pacific Rubiales :@

Freedom of expression: Countries with free speech // Countries with free speech monitored // Countries with free speech transient // Countries with free speech manipulated // Countries with repressed free speech // Countries without freedom of expression

Cartón de Patricio

Cartón de Patricio

Let's be honest: Today's generation of Christians is nothing like the world has ever seen before, and that's okay because culture evolves! In light of this, we've gathered another round of memes that couldn't have existed 10 years ago. Enjoy!             Hilarious, right?! Comment on your faves below!

12 Hilarious Memes That Only Today’s Christians Would Understand

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de palabras, puns, Spanish, "La Mona-Lisa" (play on word 'lisa', which here means Mona is straitening her hair) Mona of course means monkey.