Wimbledon Whites: Maria Sharapova

Wimbledon Whites: Maria Sharapova - cause hey, when I have the rest of these clothes, I'll start playing tennis too.


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Lacoste - Klein began to incorporate looks from active sportswear into his collection- swimwear and tennis outfits this is an modern designers inspo

Tennis fashion photographed by Bob Stone for Vogue, 1974

- Tennis in the Outfits got tighter and skirts got shorter, and this era’s disco fever spread to sportswear, showing up in patterened fabrics and exaggerated collars. Photographed by Bob Stone, Vogue, January 1974


White Tennis 1975 Crochet Pattern only, see the other retro knit and crochet patterns, how cool are they?

10 Vintage Pics that Prove Tennis is the Chicest Sport Ever - Lacoste Vintage Tennis Photos

10 Vintage Pics That Prove Tennis Is the Chicest Sport Ever

With the start of the US Open, I'm brushing up on the history of tennis—specifically the fashion history. I took a deep dive into the archives of French sportswear brand Lacoste, pulling the ten images that remind me why tennis is the reigning king

White. Lacoste. Vintage. Tennis. Women. Fashion. Skirt. Shirt. But who plays tennis without a bra? Preppy. Sporty. 70s. Ouch.

9 Tennis Trends That Work On and Off the Courts