Tara McPherson — Wandering Luminations

‘Wandering Luminations’, 2013 [Oil on linen, stretched over panel] by Tara McPherson in beautiful.

Tara McPherson Exhibits New Paintings and Paper Works in “I Know It By Heart” | Hi-Fructose Magazine

supersonicart: “ Tara McPherson’s “I Know It By Heart.” Currently showing in Rome, Italy at Dorothy Circus Gallery is artist Tara McPherson’s solo show, “I Know it by Heart.

See It Now: Current Exhibitions at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

See It Now: Current Exhibitions at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

The Wanderers - Tara McPherson One of my favs. I discovered the amazingly talented Tara McPherson at NY ComicCon 2014 and instantly fell in love with her art.

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Tara McPherson's Wandering Luminations

A renomada ilustradora, que já trabalhou na equipe de Futurama, faz lindas imagens instigantes e sedutoras nas quais as estranhezas  e as relações humanas são o tema principal. Confira!

Pinturas Sedutoras e Instigantes de Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Artwork And Ethereal Imagery

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From KP Projects, Tara McPherson, Supernova II Oil on masonite, 24 × 18 in

▇ Tara McPherson

Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep Inspired by fairytales, legends, myths and nature…

Tara McPherson | ART Paintings I Know It By Heart In The Glow Drop Cave

‘In The Glowdrop Cave’, Oil on panel, 18 x is part of Tara McPherson’s amazing 12 page editorial in ‪beautiful.bizarre Issue Pick up a print copy via our stockists.