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Pentacle Book of Shadows

With a pentacle, besom and other witchcraft symbols, this hand tooled blank leather book is perfect multi-use book of shadows. A great place to notate magickal documentation such as spells, recipes, r

Book of shadows

Wicca / Grimoire Leather Journal Notebook Diary by Kreativlink on Etsy

Tree of Life Book of Shadows – The Moonlight Shop Waiting on some money, but when it does this baby is coming home to ME! I love it! Thought I'd share in case anyone else wanted one. I think it's awesome! I like that it's not HUGE! Great book to use and pass down to my daughter some day. She can have all of my secrets - LOL!

Tree of Life Book of Shadows

Every Wiccan needs a personal and unique Book of Shadows. The Tree of Life Book of Shadows has a magickal design with its beautiful handmade leather cover. The 220 blank unlined pages inside are perfe

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Hear Secret Thoughts

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Book of Shadows Magic / Magick book / Journal / Grimoire / Spell Book / Notebook / Visual Diary / Hardcover - Carved