Gravity defying cake drizzled chocolate. by Berber's Taarten

Gravity defying cake with drizzled chocolate. Filt with raspberry and white chocolate smbc buttercreme, fresh raspberry’s and chunk of white chocolade.

Pixeloft — Amazing Cakes

Pixeloft — Amazing Cakes

Gravity Defying Watering Can Cake - Cake by HowToCookThat

This gravity-defying Watering Can cake was a real challenge! Surrounded by fondant, chocolate cake scraps, steel nuts and bolts, wooden off-cuts and a calculator … I was never completely sure it wo.

Birthday cake ideas: Make an Anti-Gravity M&M cake! Free printable labels…

Easy step-by-step birthday cake ideas for parties and fiestas!

Printable DIY Happy Birthday wrappers to cover the candy/M&M tube for an anti gravity cake. Easy step-by-step birthday cake ideas for parties and fiestas!

¿Un pastel mágico?

Pasteles para boda -¡10 sabrosas ideas para copiar!

Thumbs up from the funkyhen office for this cake 3 Tier Chocolate Waterfall Wedding Cake - Cake by Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

LOVE this whimsical fairy / tinkerbell cake!

We think it's pretty safe to assume that everyone has seen or read, the classic story of Peter Pan has fallen deeply in love with the adventurous tale about a boy who just didn't want to grow up.


A chocolate sponge and ganache cake with fondant spaghetti and jam and buttercream sauce . Grated chocolate for cheese and chocolate meatballs .The cake board is fondant covered to give a tiled eff.

El pastel flotando para una boda original

Pasteles de boda originales - Ideas que desafían la gravedad

Sponge paint Technique

Miss Piggy's Cakes Airbrush 'n wipe Tutorial :: xLaurieClarkex~ never seen this before! Really excellent idea :-) Cake for dad

Gravity-Defying Oreo Cake

A Busy Weekend: Caleb's Birthday & Gravity-Defying Oreo Cake

maľovaná na svadbu, Inšpirácie na originálne torty

maľovaná na svadbu, Inšpirácie na originálne torty