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Glow sticks only last for so long so, how.>>>>it doesn't have to be glow sticks, the book just have to have a special paper that glows in the dark and changes colour.

I'm not even gonna say who I mean cause it's kinda obvious

(Open RP, Sam Winchester needed please) It was relatively late at night when I heard a noise at my window. Sure enough, Sam Winchester was outside of my window.

I Wanna Percy Jackson one to! Or maybe meet Augustus waters... Or maybe there's to many to choose from...

I would totally go to Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, Twilight, and warriors. --- i would totally hope it wasn't the hunger games

"My life is basically me debating which book to read next."

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"My life is basically me debating which book to read next." And 5 books?

It's pretty much a little bit of both. We cry while killing them, and laugh all at once, and then schedule a tea date later on with the devil, where we mostly laugh and cry also. Yeah, it sucks but it's great all at once.

Hahaha as a fanfic author, it depends on the character I kill. If it's a good character I cry. If it's a character that I hate then I smile laugh and have tea with satan

One time this occurred..

the Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Divergent, etc. Especially with The Maze Runner lately.

Fandoms hit her hard

Fandoms hit her hard

When you wake up late so you show up in fandom gear rather than socially acceptable clothes with Starbucks. This is so accurate it hurts.

The process of reading Jerusalem Interlude.

Particuarly the books in Heroes of Olympus. All I want is PERCY. And the Blood of Olympus has to RUIN IT<< but Leo and Nico's POVs were so great. Game of thrones was the real one for me, I didn't give a damn about Sansa in the first three books