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I would have some really nice stables...and probably hire some ranch hands to muck out stalls and what not...and some good trainers to train my horses:)

An early fall morning at the stables. The horses have to be fed and taken care of very early in the morning.

equestrian chic  http://markdsikes.com/2012/09/10/equestrian-chic/

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, is an accomplished equestrian.

Cool shot!

Is a great shot but Im wondering what inspired this photog to decide they would climb UNDER the beast for a bottle up shot lmao

The background is funny and the background horse looks exactly like my OTTB Moose lol

itsmicaelaaa: “ desire-to-aspire: “ The background ;) ” That in the background would totally happen to me. In fact it has.

nice grey, nice jump!

I seldom see a picture of someone jumping that I am impressed with. From the relaxed horse, to the light contact and superior position. I am impressed.<< This picture is amazzzze

True focus... true partnership... hunter jumpers know this moment.

hunter jumpers know this moment.UNTIL you're horse does something really stupid.

the equestrian life

Devon 2014 I actually want to kind of learn to maybe ride English:P it looks so elegant and graceful!

Copa Hermès 2013 #photography #animals #showjumping

Speedeth ever and ever away - Over meadows and lanes, over mountains and plains, Over streamlets that sing at their play; And over the sea like a ghost sweepeth he, While the ships they go sailing below.