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"Totilas, the most brilliant competitive dressage horse of our generation".personally, I believe Valegro and Blue Hors Matine are much better. Their movements seem more natural, like they really enjoy dancing, not forced and exaggerated like Totilas.

I love the simple shot! This moment looks so ordinay yet so unique at the same time because nobody else can take the exact same picture again!

Hunter jumper eventing horse equine grand prix dressage

*Brandee's note: I miss jumping horses.* Location: Kingsland Oslo Horse show, Norway Love the horse's expression and seeing the detail in his face and bridle. just beautiful. Subject: Luciana Diniz’s beautiful stallion Winningmood

The background is funny and the background horse looks exactly like my OTTB Moose lol

itsmicaelaaa: “ desire-to-aspire: “ The background ;) ” That in the background would totally happen to me. In fact it has.


They won a Grand Prix class in only a snaffle, no martingale, no flash or any other retrain. That is a beautiful thing.and this color scheme is beautiful!

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