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In the same vein as the Tron special effects guys, Tatiana Plakhova has created some rather stunning works of art centered around data visualization. Plakhova, a graduate of Moscow State University, owns the design studio Colour Atelier in Russia.

tatiana plakhova

what i take away: put dots down first as a resist to keep white, then do paint/stamp/dye;

Butterfly eggs

and textures Photograph by Martin Oeggerli Large white butterfly egg Pieris brassicae The yellow eggs of the large white butterfly are laid in clumps on the undersides of cabbage leaves (above) and brussels sprouts.

FLORAL CONCEPTS - Tatiana Plakhova  Complexity Graphics Moscow, Russian Federation www.complexitygraphics.com

Complexity Graphics by Tatiana Plakhova

From Tatiana Plakhova's Complexity Graphics

Tatiana Plakhova graduated from Moscow State University with a Master in Social Psychology, and then later studied in High Academic School of Graphic.

Magical Complexity Graphics-15

Magical Complexity Graphics

A Human Being Is a Human Dreaming is project of Tatiana Plakhova. According to him, the whole thing we see is geometrical, mathematical or organic.


pearlescent pink fractal Noun A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Adjective Relating to or of the nature of a fractal or fractals: "fractal geometry".

Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell. - Chaosophia218 - I LOVE this tumbler blog. There is a HUGE number of esoteric and alchemical drawings posted as well as some other truly amazing stuff! .

Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell. The Chambered Nautilus is a living fossil that has survived in Earth’s oceans for the last 500 million years. Existing before there were fish, dinosaurs, or mammals, the Nautilus could grow up to six meters long.