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customers a subhuman species that is ILLITERATE  | Retail Robin

Leave retail job to finally get away from asshole customers. Start new retail job, first customer of the day: asshole.

Retail problems: Yeah you'll be quick at destroying the whole store we just straightened.

Ugh, yeah... Among other things, couple time slots a day we find stuff. Frickin lazies.

Retail Robin - get a call from work on your day off let it go to voicemail every time

4 most satisfying words in retail... i *am* the manager | Retail Robin

Retail Robin - customer is unhappy with you. asks for manager. i am the manager. I luv u retail robin!

Same thing goes for guests expecting an unlimited number of Spa services or rooms...

Retail Robin - This completely irritates me, keep your money neat and orderly!

This goes for everywhere really, not just at work.

Retail Robin - Talking on the phone when Im trying to help you is rude! All time pet peeve!

when will this item go into the sale? i'm sorry, my psychic powers aren't working right now | Retail Robin

If it is on sale it is marked. This aint burger king you cant have it your way in retail

i'm sorry, my psychic powers aren't working right now