steampunk would lose a tiny bit of it's awesomeness if it didn't have the crazy guns.

Not everyone knows the awesomeness that is steampunk – the diversity of ideas and looks and stories and timelines and designs. It’s so massive, how do you

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Ao contrário da modernidade, que só tinha olhos para o futuro, a pós-modernidade se interessa pelo passado. Ou melhor, por uma releitura do ...

Clockworker Girl by Sina Domino Collins. This classic Steampunk leather corset & bustier has gears & clockwork pieces in the leather to create the pattern, all detailed & influenced by her fire, red hair.

SteamPunk Girl - Steampunk Girl

SteamPunk Girl - Steampunk Girl

Hot Steampunk Girls : Photo

Steampunk rebelling against the techno era, hooray. Check out steam punk furniture, fashion etc. The next big fashion style based mechanical & modern flash of skin with some class.

Romantic Steampunk...kinda like it.

You can buy the already made costumes which some classic characters would wear in this style or have your own clothes. For women, the cors.