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Gijs op de ezelsociteit

Gijs op de ezelsociteit

Makes me smile

such an adorable picture from Notforgotten Farm by Lori Brechlin

Met this happy donkey today

Met this happy donkey today

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 49 Pics-->aww look at him! He's so cute! Such an adorable little donkey

The snowman has a tasty nose

15 Christmas Critters To Warm Your Winter Heart!

Snowman: Hey you Donkey! Donkey: What? Snowman: What are you doing? Donkey: Eating a carrot, so? Snowman: It's my nose! Donkey: Then get a real nose! Not a carrot nose!

Years ago Old Bobs even sold wooden cypress strip canoes and John Boats, not any longer though.

An entry from Emilialua

A donkey on a boat photographed by Paola Pivi at the coast of the island Alicudi (Italy). "I’m on a boat Everybody look at me ’cause I’m sailing on a

The Three Stooges Photo:

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L i k e

I just love this picture. Makes me smile Animals do this silliest things ♌